Texas Two Step

I arrived in Texas last evening. Did you know they have Palm Trees here? Nobody ever told me that.

The flight down was uneventful. I think they have started to make airplane seats smaller. My size 14 arse filled up the entire seat. I know I've gained a little weight but c'mon now. Also, I find peeing on an airplane to be quite challenging, especially when you don't want to sit on the seat and there is turbulence. Next flight I am wearing Depends.

The hotel is great except for the fact that my shower didn't work. The little knob that says "lift up for shower" did not feel like rising to the occasion. It has since been fixed so all is good. But my hair looks a little crazy which is ok since it is pretty windy today and I can use that as an excuse.

Anyway, I really love it here. Everyone calls me ma'am which is much better than what I normally get called back home in Massachusetts. The weather is pretty nice too - temps in the 60s feel like paradise compared to back home.

The best part will be tomorrow night - I get the honor and the pleasure of actually meeting Ms. Solo and OAO. I am so looking forward to that! I will post updates and pics!

Until then, enjoy the start of the weekend folks!


Solo said…
Yeehaw!!! We'll be there and soooo happy to finally meet my Yankee Buddy!

In case you haven't, read yer email, er, Ma'am!
Shrinky said…
Enjoy, have fun, and take LOTS of photo's for us!
small town dyke said…
Have fun, and take lots of pictures!!!
Anonymous said…
OOOOH... a meet up!

Remember everything is bigger in Texas. I think beer comes by the boot.

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