Medium Crab Bisque

My buddy Ronia shot this video. That's her laughing in the background. The Soup Nazi was in Vancouver and Ronia got him to give me a personal message.

Ronia is a total hoot and my blog partner at Take 365. Check out her pics from the Olympics!


Solo said…
Geez, CJ...that made me pee! You're FAMOUS!
Anonymous said…
hee hee! funny stuff!

looking forward to meeting you! hee hee!
That's my 15 seconds of fame Solo - a shout out from the Soup Nazi!

Hey Midlife! Thank you for the visit! I am very much looking forward to meeting you as well!!
Shrinky said…
Blimey girl, talk about well connected - is there anyone you DON'T know (laughing still..)??
Anonymous said…
uh-huh... not obeying the rules... no soup for you.

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