Sticky and Yummy

I finally figured out why they are called s'mores. After a few beers, bean dip (with sour-cream and cheese of course), two pieces of pizza, macaroni salad, potato salad, a hamburger, and a cookie, I needed to add s'more inches to my hips and thighs, s'more sugar in my system, and s'more food to go with s'more beers.


lol i like the marshmallow part, the chocolate part and the graham cracker part but not mixed as one :o(
Windy Days said…
Hilarious! I hear ya!
Anonymous said…
You are soooo right. LOL
Mon said…
I actually only like the marshmallows....I'm weird like that..

Tonight's word verification:

Blondie said…
Great pics, CJ! I think I speak for everyone when I say that we would like to see s'more! :)
Anonymous said…
I think you're onto something with that ..... LMAO!
lesbo said…
always room for s'more sugar, silly!
Anonymous said…
Fran and I are LOAO over this! How true!

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