A Re-Post: Why I Like Motorcycles Better Than Men

Since motorcycle season is upon us, I am re-running the second post I ever did with some slight revisions.

Why I like Motorcycles Better Than Men
  1. Because a girl sitting on a bike is hotter than a girl sitting on a guy.

  2. Because even though my bike has nice pipes, I don't have to touch them.

  3. Because I can lock my bike in the garage when I am done with it for the day.

  4. Because the only rubber I am interested in is the one on my tires.

  5. Because I can ride it for hours without it getting tired.
  7. Because none of the studs act like an ass.
  9. Because when I outgrow it, I can trade it in for a bigger one.
  11. Because it doesn't make any noise unless I tell it to.

  12. Because it doesn't like, need, or have a lot of gas in it.

  13. Because it's just as happy to see me in a t-shirt as it is to see me in leather.


Solo said…
Dude, you have my heart!! Is that a Victory or a Valkerie? Really beautiful.
A. said…
I think you should do more of these!

lesbo said…
love this post!
you are amazing!
and what a beautiful bike :)
Mon said…
Hot Hot Hot! Gotta love a bike.
Anonymous said…
M said…
Really nice bike! My girlfriend has been trying to convince me that she needs one. (I'll probably give in...)
Anonymous said…
whoa baby, that's red hot! Nice ride!
Anonymous said…
Ah, I forgot that it 'tis bike season for those who partake! Very funny. Wishing you many glorious sunny weekend days.
McMeaty said…
When are you getting your Road King?
Thanks MLC! It matches your tat!

Thank you Solo! It's a V-Star 650 Custom. What are you riding these days?

Hey A! I like make up these silly lists. Maybe you shouldn't be encouraging me :).

What a sweet comment Lesbo! Thank you very much. I appreciate the nice words.

Hey OC - Ready for a Harley?

Hi Chewy- vroom vroom all the way home!

Thank you Mav! I think you gf needs one too. They are a lot of fun. Besides, then you get to ride on the back (or get a matching one).

Hope I wasn't too fresh here Ms. Creek.

Thanks Jude! I don't own many red toys but I was really drawn to that bike.

Thank you TwoLadies! I'm waiting for the street cleaner to come around and get rid of some of this sand first. I hope to get out there soon!

Hi McMeaty! Sorry about the title of this post. You know I like you better than I like my bike! A Road King would be cool except I'm not sure I could hold the sucker up. Heard your brother might be selling?
Cool bike!! i like it:-)

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