First Ride Of The Season

Mr. and Mrs. Moto getting ready to head down the street on their big bikes.

The bikes - Mr. Moto, CJ, Blondie, and Mrs. Moto.

What's worse - helmet hair or Wayne's World hair? Tough call.

Our lunch destination in Sunderland, Mass.


Solo said…
You rock, CJ!! I've just gotta buy another one. Are you riding to Ptown or just out for the afternoon?
lesbo said…
looks like a lovely day!
Anonymous said…
The back roads to Sunderland are a nice ride. When I commuted to UMASS I often preferred the back way in. (that sounds nasty)
LilliGirl said…
Very cool - I wanna riiiiide. :)
Hey Solo - I'm too wimpy to ride to Ptown. It's about 180 miles from my house. Who knew Massachusetts was so big?

Thank you Lesbo! It was a perfect day for riding!

LOL Chewy. I won't tell anyone (still giggling).

You should go for it LilliGirl! To be honest, I'm still terrified on the thing but I guess that keeps me cautious.

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