Off the Beaten Path

Past the mall, stores, and restaurants on busy Boston Road in Springfield, Mass is this pond. I took this picture at sunset last Saturday night, sometime after dinner and before karaoke.  I think this may be 5-Mile Pond, which is where my mother used to swim as a kid (well, pretend to swim - she always kept one foot firmly planted on the bottom).  


I like that about your mother. And, I love the picture - beautiful.
lesbo said…
Goregous photo!
Anonymous said…
I've gone fishing in that pond.
lynt said…
I love that photo. To the point I'm thinking of swiping it... but I won't.
Thank you Hahn. Yes, mom was a good swimmer but she could fake it with the best of 'em.

Thank you Lesbo!

That's cool Chewy. Is it 5 Mile Pond? On Google Maps it looks like there are a couple of ponds off Boston Road.

Hey Lynt - Thanks for the compliment. And please feel free to use the photo if you wish.
so nice to get in touch with nature. we did our first float today, 13 miles on the yellowstone river.

that's cool, dar!
Anonymous said…
Yes, that is Five Mile Pond on Boston Road kind of diagonally across from Walmart.
A. said…
Great picture!

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