Welcome Baby Daniel!

Hi Baby Daniel! I'm your crazy great-aunt CJ.  What's that? Oh yes, I know I look way too young to actually be your great-aunt but it is true.  

I am thrilled you are finally here. Welcome to the family little one!


Belle said…
Congratulations!! He's a real cutie! :)
Mon said…
He's beautiful CJ, congrats to your whole family. Kids are such a blessing! You must be the greatest great aunt on earth, those kids are so lucky to have you for their aunt. Imagine the fun they will have!!!!
A. said…
Aw, congrats!
Anonymous said…
What a little peanut! He's so adorable! I hope I get to meet him someday.

Congratulations! :)

BTW, What's up for the weekend?
Anonymous said…
oookie-ookie-goo-goo (translation: he is adorable) What is it with babies and baby-talk?
LilliGirl said…
He's a beauty! Congrats!
ahhh lots of congrats and hope baby and mom are doing fine! i was an aunt when i was in 2nd grade, great aunt when i was 23...lol

really cute baby!
lesbo said…
Aw! So sweet! Congrats to all!
Can't wait to see him on your motorcycle ;)
Janet said…
What a beautiful baby -- looks just like his auntie.
lynt said…
handsome little guy.

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