The Story Of The Little Bird

Birdie, birdie, on my pool gate you sit.
You and your mate, you peep and you flit.
But when I shouted shoo,
You dropped some more poo,
And now my patio is all covered with shit.


Blondie said…
You can say that again!! The birds just LOVE to sit on our pool fence and poop on our patio! I wish I knew of a secret way to send them to our neighbors house who feeds them. Let them poop where they eat. I don't care! I just want them to stop pooping in our yard!
lesbo said…
you are brilliant!
love this!
LilliGirl said…
LOL - Theya re eating the new grass seed at our house so they can poop more at yours.
A. said…
We just had 3 little pooplings hatch above the front door.
Mon said…
That was brilliant! No seriously, I have pooping birds, but not right now, right now I have 6 or more inches of snow on my deck, covering up plant stands, trikes, bikes and BBQs. Make it stop and I'll take little pooping birds, I swear I will!

My word verification sounds naughty:

Hey Blondie - Seems like the birds are smart enough not to poop in the yard where they are fed.

Thank you Lesbo! These little ones sit on my gate almost every morning.

Hi Lilligirl - Neither of those situations is good. Hope they at least leave you a little bit of seed.

Hey A - That is cool. Hope they are not messing up your stoop with poop.

Hi OC - Let's see, bird poop vs snow. I think I'll stick with the poop. Sorry about that. You know I think you're the best and everything, but I can't handle any more snow this year! Love the word verification!
Anonymous said…
Poor little thing. It looks like a baby. Have pity! (giggle)
Anonymous said…
Hey Blondie... get CJ to clean up that mess.
Janet said…
very cute does not look old enough to fly -- just a baby?
lynt said…
i can't get past how cute the bird is to come up with a witty comment...
Anonymous said…
Now that is some very funny sh** (poop).

Anonymous said…
Cute! Love me some limericks!

(long time lurker.. would like to continue lurking)

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