I See London, I See France

Not sure how true this is, but I received an email the other day that said these skirts, which are not see-thru but actually have prints on the backside to make them look as such, are all the rage in Japan.

I don't wear skirts, so I guess I am going to be out of luck when this style hits the U.S. I'd want the option to have the print done on jeans or a pair of work-out shorts with big white granny panties however. Now that would be hot.


Anonymous said…
I would want my x-ray vision shorts (not skirt) to have a very sexy black thong lace pantie and a big fat hairy ass!

Imagine the looks that I would get!

Too funny!
Anonymous said…
there's just so much i don't understand...
Anonymous said…
How did they get my picture!?!?!?! The NERVE of some people! Love, HN
Velvet Ginger said…
Yah you can count me out on that high fashion statement CJ!
Anonymous said…
Dear HN,

I think CJ took that picture of you the night of your b-day party when you weren't lookin'! You were wearing your special skirt and panties in honor of your birth oh so long ago. Er, I meant just a short while ago. ;)
Anonymous said…
Sorry to burst your sexy dream bubble cristina.
Anonymous said…
I just looked at that picture again.... and now I am wondering if perhaps they could make mine with a fake arm and purse, too?
Anonymous said…
OMG! Where do people get these ideas?
I want a full latex body suit printed up. Cellulite and freckle free.
Cristina, I was thinking the same thing. I wasn't expecting the big hairy bum comment.

Very funny Blondie! I think you should add a pimple or two. Maybe a scar.

Hahn can you imagine the looks we would get! Not the same looks as Blondie would get, but looks none the less. I would wear my shorts to the gym.

Lynt - I'll be even more confused when they start making these for men.

HN - Don't you wear these when you have meetings on the BMS main campus?

Rubye Jean - I'm not sure how well those moon skirts would go over here in western Mass. Maybe in NYC?

Hey Chewy - If you find one of these,let me know. Except I want a tan and a tattoo on mine.
Anonymous said…
I will have you know granny panties under work out shorts are all the rage. That's how I'm bringing sexy back!
And the best part is Wendy they can double as swimming trunks if one decides to workout in the pool.
Cristina said…
U r so not sorry blondie :-0
Cristina said…
Chewy, Y not just have one painted on u?

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