Giving Mickey The Finger

Mickey's head fell off. Then I dropped him for a second time and his nose popped off. No problem I said to myself. I'll just super glue him back together, quick as a wink.

Apparently it is much easier to glue epidermis to porcelain than it is porcelain to porcelain. Just when I thought it was safe to let go of the body, it decided not to let go of me. And taking the time to hunt around for my phone so I could take a picture was probably not the best idea since it gave the glue more time to become one with my skin.

Mickey still looks like he spent some time at The Tower Of London. And I still have super glue on two fingers and a thumb. At least I have removed the offending mouse.

My deep thought for the day is this. If you are going to glue something to yourself it should be something useful like a wine glass, not a headless cartoon character. Since it was attached to my middle finger however, maybe I should have left it there. It could have come in handy when driving in Boston.


Cristina said…
Censor censor censor - memo - do not drink wine or martini's while playing with super glue.
Mon said…
I just snorted diet coke and it's your fault...the picture of you driving down the interstate with a headless Micky stuck to your middle finger has me in giggles...
Anonymous said…
I didn't know you and Mickey were so tight....:))))))))
At least you weren't fixing him over your toilet - I hear that particular part of your epidermis is VERY difficult to separate from plastic.
I probably would have done better Cristina if I had a glass or two. Maybe that was the problem.

Hey OC - I think the one finger Boston salute would get a much better response if I had Mickey hanging on.
LOL Robert. I'm moving on to the duck tape next. I think it is safer.

Hey Lori - I checked out that link at loweringthebar. Now I don't feel so bad. Can you even imagine?
Cristina said…
Ya know you are probably right on that one, I can actually cut a good miter cut after a few before forget about it nothing lines up.
Velvet Ginger said…
Okay...I had a good laugh at your expense. Is Mickey ok now?? I have a lovely antique cup with GLOBS of glue on the handle...that was a project after my 3rd beer.
You're not alone there girl!
Anonymous said…
Well, I think your deep thought is right on track. You definitely nailed the lesson in all that :o)
I have a good visual Rubye Jean of the antique cup with the globs of glue. I'm just thankful it dries relatively clear!
Thanks Karen. Next time I will definitely know better.

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