Out Shopping For The Girls

"You want me to bring you another 38F?", I hear the sales women say. In the busy dressing room another fitter is sent away to retrieve a 36DD. And then comes along my helper. "Here's the 34A", she says as she passes it around the curtain. "You sure I don't need a 36?", I question. "No, the 36 was too big, it will slide up your back", she responds confidently. Thank goodness for a little weight gain. It could have been worse if my nearly A's hadn't sprouted into full fledged ones.

Bra shopping has never been my thing. And I don't think I was ever actually fitted for a bra, except maybe one time when I had to get one of those funky bras you wear under a strapless bridesmaid gown and then end up throwing away because the wire has left a permanent mark on your chest.

All and all, this was a productive albeit expensive, endeavor. I ended up with five new bras, 2 white, 1 tan, 1 ivory, and 1 Bette on the L Word blue. My girls are happy. My wallet is not.


Anonymous said…
I think my favorite one is the Bette Blue one ;)

Now if only they had matching panties....

Anonymous said…
now that is a post! with a photo! i would rather do just about anything than be followed around by a bra salesperson. i still remember going to jcpenney when i was about 12 or so and my mom insisting i be 'properly' fitted. hello? still growing? can't we save the trauma for a few more years.
Cristina said…
One must make the girls happy above all.
Anonymous said…
sometimes keeping the girls happy can be expensive..:)
Anonymous said…
Why are they so expensive? Jeesh! I only buy them when they're on sale. The minute I get home, off it comes.
Now that I think about it Cristina, I think they were happy in their old home too.

You go got it Robert. I can think of even more expensive ways to take care of the girls. And I am not doing that.
I was shocked Chewy at how much they cost. I could get a nice meal out somewhere for the price of one. (I think I just may have set myself up for something here).
As a Barely B (I think I must buy where they are more generous in their measurements), this made me laugh!
Velvet Ginger said…
Are you guying new bras for you vacation?
What store is that Hahn? Do them have them in Massachusetts?!
That's what motivated me Rubye Jean. But hopefully I will be in a bathing suit for most of the trip!
Lesbianlife said…
Oh, I hate bra shopping...seems I can never find one that fits quite right. Had a fitting and that was great. You must have spent a small fortune they are not inexpensive.

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