You Haven't Changed A Bit

I over-heard someone at my 25th high school reunion last week say they thought I was one of the folks who hadn't really changed. I'm not sure if that is a compliment. My hair, although longer, is still the same color thanks to my hairdresser. I know I weigh a little bit more. And I know I don't wear quite as many layers as I used to, unless it is a very cold day outside. Speaking of layers, I wonder why I didn't throw on a cardigan or a second oxford for my picture. Surely I could have fit one more article of clothing either underneath or on top of my sweater. What was I thinking?


Mon said…
haha...I think I had the same hair, except blond, but I had to wear one of those half gown things that made you look like you were wearing a sleevless dress. I think I did it in black and blue.
Rita said…
That's what everyone wore in the 80's so don't feel bad! I have my high school reunion (25th as well) coming up next year. I was on the committee for the 20th and I think I will leave the planning up to someone else this time.
OK OC - What is this half gown thing?
Hey Rita - Did you remember top-siders? We all wore those with our layered look. Way too preppy.

Planning one of these things does seem like a lot of work - trying to track down everyone must be tough.
Mon said…
This weekend I'll try to dig up a yearbook photo and scan it...seriously they were fugly..
Velvet Ginger said…
I think you look better now, but you look good then too! Fashions of days gone by always seem silly and embarracing! lol
Thank you Rubye Jean. Women are like a fine wine - better with age!
Rita said…
CJ I am thinking I could dedicate a whole blog topic to the 80's! Topsiders.....ugh....remember them well!
Anonymous said…
We had to dress in layers in HS because all the guys were horny little pervs!
Hey CCHS is #1 - I think you have a typo. I think you meant to write CHS is #1.

(There are two high schools in Chicopee - Chicopee High and Chicopee Comp. Looks like a Comp graduated has infiltrated my blog!)

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