Checking In From Jamaica

This ship is great and I am having a wonderful time. And I've learned a few things too.

1.The only thing worse than a neon green Speedo is a white one - my eyes, my eyes!
2.70 sunblock will protect you to that point that not even x-rays can penetrate your skin.
3.Just because this is one of the biggest cruise ships in the world does not mean you cannot feel this sucker pitching and rolling, especially at night.
4.Caribbean rum is better than rum from the States.
5.I miss my blog buddies when I am away!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Off to lunch and maybe the hot tub.


Anonymous said…
SO JEALOUS. Even the pitching and rolling sounds good. Happy sails (yeah, I do know it's a ship, not a sail boat...)
Mon said…
You are making me jealous! Sounds like you are having a blast. I hope you are recording lots of tales for us upon your return.

My word verification today, I can read it...yeah me.


(diva??) No...not I!
Anonymous said…
(waving from shore)
Hey cj! Hey cj! Hey cj!
Glad you're having fun, even with a few dips and churns.

The speedo visual I could do without.
Rita said…
OMG....pitching and rolling. Sounds like a dramamine kind of day for sure! LOL

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