Slip Sliding Away

A group of us are having a weight loss competition. It goes for 10 weeks and the goal is to lose a pound a week. For every week you don't lose a pound, you have to put $5.00 in the kitty. At the end of 10 weeks the one with the greatest percentage of weight loss gets the pot.

Two weeks in and I owe 5 bucks. Not such a great start but I'm confident I can do this. One person has already lost five pounds (would you eat something Mindy for fuck's sake?)

You know I love me some Stiffy. She decided to join a gym to help her in her weight loss quest. Stiffy is not really a gym rat. At all. The gym however, has tanning, which is something Stiffy does like. So the other night when she was at the gym she stripped down to her undies, disinfected the the tanning bed, and attempted to slide in - without drying the bed first. And then she somehow flew out of the bed onto the floor, thong intact but slightly shaken. Stiffy, Stiffy, Stiffy. You know I love you woman but I am still laughing my butt off thinking about this. Next time you want some color just come over to the Wet Spot. I promise you won't fall off the lounge chair and I'll make you some kick ass Margaritas (after I seat belt you to your chair).


Solo said…
Uh, Ceej, you can't lose weight cuz YOU DON'T HAVE ANY FAT TO LOSE! Duh.
Girl, pleeze. If you get any thinner, YOU're the one that's gonna hafta be belted to the keep you from blowing away.

(fyi: your word verification was "elick". I'm just not going there.)
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to let you know your blog is great! You have a great sense of humor.

I hope you win the pot o' dough!

Solo it has been a summer of snacks! I up 10 pounds from my Nutri System days so I need to drop a few. But thank you for making me feel good this morning!

Now about that word verification....
Hi Pawsing! Welcome! Thank you so much for the nice comment.

I'm working on winning that pot which I think is going to climb pretty high at the rate we are all going here.

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