Hold Onto Your Hat!

The beach hat - fashion accessory or personal protective equipment (PPE)?

With all the talk of sun safety, beach hats are now as common as coolers and and umbrellas. Here are a few examples.

The Big Brim Baby Blue Beach Beanie:
This hat has three functions. First, it keeps the sun of your face and the face of everyone else in your party. Second, it serves as a landing spot for seagulls and seaplanes. Lastly, it converts to a picnic table on which you can set all your beach snacks.

The Two Hats Are Better Than One Hat:
Hmmmm. White visor or straw beach hat? Stop stressing over the decision and wear both! You get the protection of a wide brim hat plus the sportiness of a visor all rolled into one here. Tennis anyone?

The Plain Jane Chapeau:
What do you get when you cross Roseanne Rosannadanna + Bozo + Wayne from Wayne's World?

You get me in a baseball cap! Apparently the pressure from the cap pushes all my hair out at a right angle from the side of my head. Now that's fierce fashion.

Also, please notice my additional PPE of a long sleeve shirt. You can never be too careful. My attire, coupled with my 100 SPF, left me whiter than I was before I left home. Party on Garth.


Anonymous said…
I'm with you. I'd be wearing a cap. And if there is any bit of humidity at all my hair would be looking almost exactly like yours. Only the color would be different. And I like Roseanna Rosannadanna, Bozo, and Wayne so I think you've got it going on!
Taradharma said…
for neck coverage, I use the wide brimmed straw at that makes me look like a granny or old world explorer. I tucked a few bird feathers in there to make me look cool, but I'm not sure that is the end result.

I cover up for vanity's sake - age spots on the face are yucky - and yet the hat does nothing to support a chic appearance...oh well.
Solo said…
Ceej, you are too cool to school. At least you still HAVE hair!

I was so expecting a pic of you in helmet.
KMae said…
Party on......!
I wear a big,wide black floppy visor, it looks stupid. My silver hair sticks thru the top.
I got old this year. whatever.
Anonymous said…
I hope you at least wore shorts to the beach.

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