Have You Seen My Key (Words)

If you use Stat Counter or another analytics tool, you can find the most common search keywords that direct people to your blog. Here are my recent keywords as of today:

porn actress roniqa: I have a friend with a similar name that I have mentioned once or twice on this blog. To the best of my knowledge, she is not a porn star. However, Blondie and I did go to a strip club with her once and had a most excellent time.

mouse droppings in pool: I've referenced our pool, aka "The Wet Spot" and "That hole in the ground into which I pour water and money". Every now and again I have had to retrieve a mouse from the pool, who although shit scared, prefers to leave all his droppings in the shed prior to going for a swim.

blondies teeth: Yes, I did blog about Blondie's teeth. Because she still has them, and I'm not taking about the ones in her head. She has her baby teeth along with some of the dog's puppy teeth tucked away. I plan to string them together one day to make a lovely necklace for her.

ding dong cart: The Ding Dong cart was a topic of interest in one post. For those of you not from New England, the Ding Dong cart is the name for the ice cream trucks that drive around the neighborhood in the summer, taunting children with their familiar music and then quickly speeding up and driving away as they come running out the backyard with money in hand.

naked in the snow: I have never been naked in the snow or written about it. I have been naked in The Wet Spot on more than one occassion but only during the summer months.

large flesh colored tick dog: What the hell is a tick dog?

naked **** with stiffys: The only stiffy I post about is my friend Stiffy whose nickname does not derive from the kind of stiffy that I'm pretty certain is referred to in that search term. Also, if I were to write about such a thing, I would use the proper terminology - woody.

dding: I had a post entitled "DDing Tonight" which was about being the designated driver for the evening. That post gets a lot of hits and I never knew why. A little Internet search revealed that DDing Boo is the nickname for someone called Sexy Lance. Ahhhh - so now I get it. Yeah right.


Solo said…
Most of my referring searches are for "homo solo masturbation" and typically from countries outside the U.S.
I cringe to think about it.

Uh, just how DID Stiffy get that name?
Ummm Solo? You win. Hands down. I won't say down where, but hands down.

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