Septic Tank Geo-Tracking

So 60 feet from some iron pin on the right side and 96 feet from some prop pin (whatever the heck that is) is the outlet to our septic tank which I must find and expose in order to have the septic tank pumped. It's like geo-tracking in your backyard only the prize isn't some sort of treasure - it's not having whatever went down the drain and the toilet in the past five years flow into the house.

See the number 2 on the map above? That's it. Number 2 is what I have to find so I don't find number 2 someplace else, namely the kitchen floor.

Now who knows how to read that freaking map shown above?


Taradharma said…
me thinks it is time to call in the professionals!!

#2 is right next to the driveway, but I would be afraid of digging around in there, for fear of breaking buried system and really causing a mess....
I think you are right Tara. The last company wanted us to find it ourselves before they would come out to pump. It may be time to find one who is will to dig!
Solo said…
Just follow your nose.
LilliGirl said…
Tara is right...some job are for professionals.
Anonymous said…
The first time we had ours pumped after buying our house we had a notebook drawing that said "20 paces from tree" The tree wasn't there anymore! It took the septic guy a week and an architect's metal detector to find the hatch, which was 8 feet under our driveway!Thankfully he liked a challenge. We had a new septic system put in a few years back & now we know where the outlet is and it's only a foot or so down. Anyway, I would say try a metal detector near where you think it may be. (our guy also used a javelin-looking thing to poke the ground to see if he could find it before digging) And I'm surprised your guy doesn't dig - ours charges $150 (even 8ft down)
Good Luck!
Solo I made need to borrow a Blood Hound - a poo smelling one.

I'm waving the white flag Lilli! Time to call in the septic diggers.

Barb that's a good price! My guy wanted to charge $285 and that's without digging. I did try today - and now I have a messed up patch on the lawn and still no clue where the outlet is. I'm calling someone tomorrow! Thanks for the tips!

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