Am I A Bad Friend?

Does it make me a bad friend if I laughed so hard I nearly peed when Stiffy told me she caught son number 2 using her neti pot? I mean that in and of itself may not be so funny. But he was using it while he was taking a shower - to wash his butt crack. And she's pretty sure this wasn't the first time. So Stiffy was basically washing out her sinuses with a spigot that had been in someone else's nether regions. I'm still giggling.

As bad as this was, I'm not quite sure it tops the incident Stiffy had with her other son. Stiffy couldn't quite figure why her face was breaking out. After all, she took good care of her skin, washing her face morning and evening with her Dove moisturizing bar, which was kept, like the neti pot, in the shower. And you guessed it. Her soap had been somewhere it probably should not have been if it was going to be shared among family members. Yes, Stiffy was literally shit faced.

I love my Stiffy. But from now on, I'm not ever using anything I find in her shower. Unless of course it is one of her fancy shampoos. Then I may make an exception.


Anonymous said…
you had me laughing out loud in my cubicle. that is exactly why i use soap in a bottle...
Ha! Thanks Pawsing! I agree, soap in a bottle is the safe bet if you are sharing a bathroom. Sorry for the toilet humor :)
Anonymous said…
hahahahahahha! Oh, I missed so much by not making the blog rounds.
Stiffy always has a great story for me to re-tell and she is such a good sport Chewy. I'm lucky to have a friend as good as she is!

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