Found It!

The septic man came to the house and had me drop a little blue plastic thingy down the toilet. He then went out in the yard and scanned the ground with something that looked vaguely like a metal detector. It beeped. He dug. And lo and behold, there it was!

He opened in the lid. It was like a giant pool of toilet/sink/shower waste. And the first thought that raced through my mind was "When did we have corn?"


Anonymous said…
that looks pretty far down. Was it anywhere near where you thought it may be?
Happy Hurricane! Waiting nervously in CT - big trees.
Solo said…
Man, his visit was right on time! Let us know as soon as you guys are no longer in danger.

And if you run outa Sam Adams, I'll bring you a case of Shiner. Heck, do I NEED a better reason to visit??
Hey Barb! It was in the general vicinity but I think it still would have took a bit of digging to find it. I'm glad they dug it for us! Looks like Irene is heading toward CT now so hope things are going ok in your area. Be safe Barb.

Hi Solo! It's raining - can you head over with that case? I'll make any excuse to have you get your behind to New England :)
Taradharma said…
did not need that corn image in my brain....thanks CJ!

watching the storm news from sunny hot California -- trying to ck in with all my east coast buddies. what a mess!
Anonymous said…
Hello from the dark-
No power & it doesn't look like we'll be getting it back anytime soon. Estimates are 2 to 5 days. We're ok, trees down all over the place but ours just did a little self pruning. Nothing major. Hopefully you didn't get too much of the storm.
Hi Barb - I'm hoping your power is back on by now. What a drag. Glad to hear you are ok and that there was no major damage done to your house. Hopefully the next storm will miss New England :)
Anonymous said…
UGH! Gross to the max!
Chewy this was so nasty. I almost lost my appetite for supper. Almost.

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