Coconuts In A Jar

Do you use coconut oil? If so, do you think it really has all the health benefits the write-ups claim?

I tried a spoonful of it today. It looks like lard but tastes pretty darn good. I haven't tried the manna yet, but it smells delicious. I'm thinking of throwing one or the other in smoothies and oatmeal. I still feel a bit unsure - it just looks like it would clog the heck out of your arteries. But from what I've read that is not the case at all.

If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions, recipies on how to use this stuff, I would love to hear from you.


Solo said…
Ooohhh, I love these "guess what it is" pix you put up. It looks like a year old jar of Pond's Beauty Cream!

Wait, you already know what it is. Darn.

The coconut I'm partial to is contained in a bottle of Malibu Rum.

Does this help?
Taradharma said…
If you say so, CJ, but it looks like something I'd rub into my skin but not ingest. I'm a shea butter fan myself (for external use).

And, because I'm not a big fan of coconut, it doesn't appeal. I'll just keep drinking my green goo vitamin and mineral mix every morning!
Oh man, I thought if anyone would know it would be Solo or Tara. I'm having warm grape nuts with milk and coconut manna this morning. Let's see how this goes....
Solo said…
Oh, BabyGirl....warm grapenuts w/ coconut sludge? Really? Hon', I've gotta get you to NOLA so you'll know what human food tastes like.
Anonymous said…
'slaps my palm to my forehead' and all this time I thought it was...put the lime in the coconut...not put the coconut in the grapes! Learn new sht every day.
McMeaty said…
here's a link that might help with oil.
McMeaty said…
and for the manna from nutiva's site.

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