Out Of South Africa

Some wonderful friends, H and B, recently returned from vacation in South Africa. What's great about having buddies that travel to exotic places, is that they bring you back all kinds of cool gifts.

Even better, H and B really know my tastes. So when we hung out with them last weekend, you can imagine my excitement when they told me they had brought back presents. Here is what I got:

They obviously know how much I like to spend time in bush country. Everyone should have the opportunity to explore the bush, whether it be while on safari or right in your own backyard.

Thank you H and B. I will wear it, and the matching hat, with pride.


Taradharma said…
oh, you little minx, you!
Solo said…
Your sick mind is but one of many things we love about you.
Anonymous said…
U r welcome! We love u! (And we appreciate ur dirty minds...like ours!) :) H&B

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