Cierra The Wonder Dog

Cierra The Wonder Dog had her first round of chemo today which consisted of a drug called vincristine given by intravenous injection in the right rear leg. She tolerated the procedure very well and only yiked once to show her displeasure of being placed back in her carrier. As of right now, she seems to be feeling pretty good.  We went home with some additional meds - prednisone, anti-nausea injections and anti-nausea pills. Fluid therapy, given by injection under the skin, has been increased from every other day to every day.  
As a side note, Cierra's bum fire power has been classified as weapon of mass destruction as it has almost completely taken out my bathroom in just a week's time. I'm thinking of renting her out to the US Government in order to help pay for the cost of her treatments. 
I picked up some very stylish doggie diapers to function as a pooplet proof vest of sorts, to be worn by the shooter (Cierra) instead of the bystander. I'm hoping she changes over to a more sturdy form of ammunition soon.  
Now let's zap those bad cells!


Anonymous said…
my mom's give her teacup poodle a little boiled chicken (really mashed up) and some rice to help when she gets the scutters. Will Cierra tolerate a little bit?
KMae said…
Poor sweet Cierra.
I'm so sorry.
You are doing really well, hang in there.
Taradharma said…
thanks for the update (well, maybe not the POOP update). I've been wondering about Cierra and you since you initial post. She's going to require a lot of care, but she's worth it.

I know someone who mixes in a tablespoon of pumpkin puree into her kitty food to help her cat stop the runs. WHo knows?

Go, Cierra! (WEll, maybe not "Go," but you know what I mean)
Solo said…

And xo's to CJ.

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