If I Don't Laugh I'll Cry

It hasn't been a good week. It's been a really shitty week actually. And it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

I found a picture that made me laugh. It's stupid, but at this point I'll take any distraction from real life that I can get. So here goes:


Anonymous said…
That picture is on a book about crockpot cooking! I've owned that book. Bought it in the English section at a bookstore in Turkey. Left it there when we moved. I think it might be called crockpot cookery.
KMae said…
Hope your doggie is okay.
That pic isn't funny, you are desparate poor baby.
Solo said…
My Mother said "this too shall pass" a lot, usually while she was clutching her Bible and shaking her head after I'd done something to anger her. Hey, it was my job.

Hope things are improving on your homefront. Sending xo's and good wishes. Luv ya, Ceej.

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