Cierra Update

I must apologize dropping a couple of F bombs on my last post. Sometimes they just slip off my fingers automagically.

So, the Cierra update: The pathology on the aspirates from her belly were inconclusive. The vet recommends surgery so they can biopsy a lymph node and a section of intestine. We scheduled surgery for tomorrow. She'll be spending the night and if all goes well, will come home on Saturday afternoon.

She's feeling better thanks to the Archangels (yes- asking them for help really does work) and to your positive thoughts, which thrills me to no end. Thank you, thank you.


lorilhahn said…
CJ, so sorry to hear this. People sometimes don't think about pets as real parts of the family that we love, adore, and cherish. Cierra is in good hands and I will send good thoughts her way to diminish her suffering. I'm glad Cierra has you!

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