My Dog Has Cancer And That Sucks March 9, 2011

The view from above the baby gate

We got a definitive diagnosis today for our Yorkie Cierra. She has gastrointestinal lymphoma.

She is recovering from her surgery although she has been having lots of diarrhea (sorry for TMI). She has been contained to my bathroom. For two days now I have been washing the floor, the walls, Cierra's bum, and my clothes several times a day. It is difficult to keep up with it all, especially when we work full time. I have been taking extra work from home days, but find that I am very distracted by it all.

I never thought I would be giving my dog injections of anti- nausea medication and fluid therapy at home. It's a little scary.

The hospital called to get us set up on a schedule for chemo. We have appointments once a week for 8 weeks, then every other week for an additional 8 weeks. It's expensive but we are told dogs do very well with this treatment and the rate of remission is pretty good.

This will be my first of a series of posts regarding Cierra, her treatment, and how it is affecting our little family here. I'm happy to share any information I can as I know there are many dog lovers out there, some of whom may also have an animal suffering with cancer.

And again, I know this is a dog not a person. My father died of brain cancer and I am well aware of the difference between human and animal suffering and how a lot of people view the importance of one vs the other. Being sick sucks weather you walk on four legs or two.

And I will be posting my usual nonsense posts in between because laughter is good medicine.


Taradharma said…
Oh crap (pun intended), CJ. What awful news. Best of luck with the chemo and the home-care: that's a lot of work but it's obvious that you love Cierra very much. Kiss her on the nose for me, will ya?
I'm so sorry CJ. We lost our Terrier, Lily, 3 months ago. She was 13 and we got her when she was 5 weeks. But, dummies that we are, went and rescued a 3 month old pit bull named Rue. We have two other dogs and we like having three plus the other two seemed lost without Lily. Rue is now 6 months old, weighs 50 pounds, is the sweetest dog you would ever want to meet and the dumbest. He chews ever piece of furniture I have even after I have sprayed it with bitter apple. We think he's really a goat and someone is pulling a huge trick on us, but we adore him. So give hugs to Cierra and hopefully everything will as smoothly as possible.
Thank you so much Tara. I'm just hoping the chemo isn't too much for our little 6 pounder. I feel so fortunate to live within driving distance of the specialty hospital that is treating Cierra. And I'll be sure to give her that kiss.

Thank you for the well wishes Homschl. I am sorry to hear you just lost your Terrier. My thoughts are with you. That's great you got a rescue. I'm sure Rue must feel like he won the lottery!
Solo said…
I am sure the chemo will work and she'll be frolicking around the back 40 by the summer.
I totally get the love for a pet so I would be doing the same thing if it were me.
Keep the faith, Honey. It's all going to be good. xo's.
I'm so sorry and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for her recovery.
KMae said…
So glad you are able to get her the best treatment.
If I had done this for our wonderful schnauzer maybe it would have saved her. Good luck!
marcie and jim said…
We are thinking of you and Cierra. Hope she responds well to the treatment. love from jim and marcie
small town dyke said…
Hugs and strength to you.

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