Cierra The Wonder Dog Back In The Hospital

Cierra had shown no interest in food for the last 24 hours so I brought her back to the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital in Deerfield, Mass. today. She was admitted to the ICU.

Blood work revealed a very low hematocrit, necessitating Cierra have a transfusion. An ultrasound of her belly showed all was well with her intestines - no internal bleeding or issues from her surgery two weeks ago.

The question now is why did the count drop so dramatically over just a few days. Cierra will stay in the hospital over night. Blood tests tomorrow will hopefully show her bone marrow is working and is producing new red blood cells.

Day by day.


KMae said…
oh NO!
So sorry & GOOD LUCK!
You are SUCH a good mommy.
Solo said…
Keep the faith, Sugar. We are.

Big love.
Taradharma said…
day by day, for sure. Hope your lil' pup is okay.
Anonymous said…
All our best. Hugs and kisses. H&B

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