A Very Dangerous Campus

I think they may want to hire a proofreader first. This is an actual job posting I found on masslive.com.

UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST 1863 UMASS AMHERST Senior Systems Analyst Office of the Bursar Reporting n the Associate Bursar, manages the daily operation of the Student Financials system ISIS¡ and other Bursar's Office information systems. Performs complex data analyses of student killing and receivables data by developing queries and interpreting results for review by management.

Sounds like a dead-end job to me.


Anonymous said…
bahahahaha...too funny!
Anonymous said…
killing? eeek!
Taradharma said…
oh sweet jesus! this is too sad/funny!
Anonymous said…
LOL wow, nice. I have seen some crazy ones myself. Ones that I quickly passed over.
Solo said…
I heard today that BP is recruiting hairball collectors to work on the Gulf oil spill.

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