Cleaning For The Cleaning Lady

We have a new cleaning lady starting Friday. Which means we will be running around like crazy cleaning the house Thursday night. Does that make any sense?

Between the cleaning lady and the house sitter I have some picking up to do. I don't want to leave personal items sitting out in the open. I'd better make a note for myself:

Dear CJ - Please put away the following:
bills, shoulder massager, pay stubs, underwear on the floor, large vibrating egg, toothpaste, eye glasses, heavy duty power strip, cat women suit, blow dryer, shaving cream, Plover's Guide To Advanced Gymnastics, and snowshoes.


Anonymous said…
LMAO! cat women suit?


yeah, you better put that one away.
Been there, done that...well except the catwoman suit.
Taradharma said…
and just where are you leaving your 'shoulder vibrator' and vibrating egg? These go tucked into the hat box under the bed....
Anonymous said…
cat woman suit made me burst out laughing!
life sounds like fun at CJ's house!

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