Vegas Baby!

Made it ti Vegas! We are sitting by our cabana having morning cocktails! Piña Colada for Belle, Pain Killers for Siffy and me. And the cabana girls that are waiting on us? My oh my. Let's get the party started!

9:25 AM in Vegas and all is well!

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Location:Poolside at Treasure Island


Shrinky said…
I would LOVE to post a comment here, but I am just too damn jealous to think of anything nice.. (pout)
John Gascot said…
WOO HOO!!! LOVE Vegas.
We're headed there first weekend in June.
C.I.W. said…
omg that sounds like a blast. Don't forget to put on sunscreen!
Mon said…
Good god woman, I need a vacation like that... word verification is "Parde"

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