I Shook Donny's Hand!

Don't make fun of me. The Donny and Marie show we went to last night was awesome! We sat in a booth right up front, only a few feet from the stage. At the end of the show Donny and Marie walk through the audience. Stiffy was a bit shy so I pushed her ass out of the booth as Donny started to walk across the tables. As he approached, we all stretched out our hands and got a handshake. I have not washed that hand since.

The pic below is Donny's tux and trophy from Dancing With The Stars.

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Location:Siren's Cove Blvd,Las Vegas,United States


Jules said…
Girl..you know when you leave Vegas that hand will return to normal, what happens in Vegas, etc. LOL
Solo said…
Who are Donny and Marie.
Anonymous said…
Sounds great!

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