Anyone buy the new iPad yet? If so, how do you like it?

If you could run away to any part of the USA, where would you go?

If a frog was hopping through quick sand and its engine blew, how many cows would it take to jump over the fence?


Anonymous said…
iPad? I'm over 50 and in menopause... I've no need for one.

Can I come back or do I have to stay there? I'd go someplace warm for the winter months.

Zero cows! Sheep jump over the fence... and it would take as many as I can count to fall asleep.
PJ said…
I didn't buy the iPad, but I did buy the Motorola Droid last weekend, and I love it.

Mackinaw Island, Michigan.

Zero, the cows probably fell in the quicksand with the frog.
Jo Broadspeare said…
I haven't bought an iPad yet. I'm not sure that I will, even though I'm all about the toys. I think I'd rather have a Macbook because the touch keyboard doesn't appeal to me.

I love living in Oregon, but sometimes I wouldn't mind being in San Diego.
McMeaty said…

key west

check you new ipad for the answer...
Great answers Chewy, especially the one regrading the iPad. What's next - the iUD? For those of us who need it, maybe the iFlash.

LOL Pam, great comment about the cows! That makes sense.

Hi Jo - thanks for stopping by. If I had to choose one, I would pick the Macbook as well. I heard the touch keyboard on the iPad is hard to get used to.

I haven't giving in yet McMeaty! I'm trying to hold off till the next generation so they can work out all the kinks.
Anonymous said…

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