Those Little Peckerhead...

....winged, orange and black, bastard lady bugs or Asian beetles or whatever the eff they are called, swarmed the house last fall. A lot of them got inside but by the time winter came, most of them had died off - except those that were making sweet lady bug love in the cellar walls all year long.

Enough was enough. I attacked their army of hundreds (maybe thousands), armed with nothing but a shop vac and a can of Lysol . They clung to the cellar window hanging there like a large cluster of grapes. They hunkered down in the yellow insulation that fills the cellar walls. I'd suck them up and they would crawl away and drop from the ceiling in numbers so great it sounded like a bowl of Rice Krispies.

I flooded the entire window sill with a layer of Lysol. They skated across as it, mocking me as I started to choke on the smell.

But then, just as I thought the battle was lost, I could see the tide starting to turn. I grabbed a roll of paper towels and started wiping them up, squishing them as I crumpled the paper towel into a tight ball.

I won. The battle is over, at least for now.


Anonymous said…
I saw only one ladybug today in the garden... where she belongs.
C.I.W. said…
the papertowel - ammonia gun was out of ammo?
small town dyke said…
ERG!! I feel your pain, i kill them by the hundreds and don't feel bad. Makes spring and fall a B*&ch.
hi CJ

i came across your blog and thought you and your readers might like this "invitation to do a cartwheel!"

I know it sounds strange, but that's it... simply do a cartwheel. Here is my short blog write-up and 1-minute film about the idea:

If you are so moved/inclined, email me a photo or film clip of your cartwheeling

be well.
be twirly.
Don't let her in the house Chewy! One turns into one hundred before you know it!

Ha CIW! The papertowel- ammonia gun was out of reach!

I normally carefully pick them up and bring them outside Small Town - until I saw there were 100+ of them crawling over the window and wall. Then it was game on!

Ms Creek - the camper and outdoors woman is commenting with a yuck? (wink)

Hi Amy - Thank you so much for stopping by. I checked out your website and cartwheel video. Trust me, you don't want a clip of me attempting to do a cartwheel - it is pathetic! I've never been able to do one and I look totally uncoordinated and goofy. But I will embed your video on my blog to encourage others!

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