Your Topic Tuesday

"Update your blog slacker." That was the text I got today from my niece. Nice way to talk to your aunt, Puddin' Pants.

I thought it might be fun to try a theme day. I'm going with Your Topic Tuesday where I post about a subject picked by one of you. (If I have any readers left after my two week hiatus). So feel free to post some ideas here or send me an email at If I don't know anything about the subject matter, I'll make it up. You in? Cool.

Random thoughts about nothing:
  • One month on Nutrisystem - 9 pounds lost!
  • I have a cold.
  • Anyone have any thoughts on things you shouldn't miss on your first visit to Vegas?
  • Northampton Pride this weekend!


Solo said…
Dude, you got no excess to lose, so that 9 lbs. must be from takin' off your cowboy boots!
Sorry to hear you're sick. Sounds like you need to stay home today.
I'd give ya some hints, but you know what they say...what happens in Vegas....well.
Take care, CJ.
Anonymous said…
A must see, bellagio fountains at night time.
And if you want to get out of the city there's a cool ride through red rock canyon.
Anonymous said…
Great about the 9 pounds! Hope you feel better!
McMeaty said…
Great, now we both have colds. Next time no tongue.

Congrats on your weight loss. If you want some ideas of what to do in Vegas, watch "The Hangover". Some dandy ideas in there. I don't recommend peeing in Mike Tyson's pool though.
weightloss is dang hard work!

ideas? heck, i can't hardly think of any myself!
Unknown said…
Well, the text worked, didn't it?
Anonymous said…
Nine pounds! You are going to be one hot mama at the poolside. Then we'll stop by The Sirens of TI and wonder where feminism went so wrong...!
Susan C said…
Ack! Definitely did not mean to be Anon for that comment. How stalker! Note to self: don't drink and post.

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