20,000 Reached!

I knew this would happen. I hung on as long as I could last night but the counter wouldn't budge from 19, 996. This morning it is at 20,003.

From what I can gather from my stat counter, the 20,000 hit came from Richmond, VA. And I have an idea who that may be. I am going to contact them today to see if they popped by for a visit around 10:45 PM Eastern time last night.

If it's not this person, I have a pretty good idea who visited around that time. I may just throw those names in a hat and pick one. Hopefully I will have some sort of confirmation by the end of the day today. Update to follow.


Looks like there were two hits fairly close together. So the winners are Mr. Moto and Lilli of http://lillianveronica.blogspot.com/. Mr. Moto gets a Star Motorcycle t-shirt and Lilli gets a Northampton, MA t-shirt from the Pride and Joy store (http://www.nohoprideandjoy.com/).

Or if you prefer, an iTunes or Amazon gift certificate. Some people are not into t-shirts. Those I believe I can just email to each of you.

If you could both please email me your address and size preference to martinicartwheels@gmail.com (for t-shirts), I will get those mailed out to you ASAP. Or, if you are interested in the gift certificates, please forward along your email.

Congratulations to you both!


LilliGirl said…
I did drop by. lol I had to read about the cheese. :)
Anonymous said…
It was me, Mr. Moto. I took a screen-shot for you if you want to save it. Congratulations, that's a lot of hits!!
Ok you two - you both win! I think you were only a few minutes apart.

So for you Mr. Moto - A Star Motocycle T-Shirt!

And for Lilli - A Northampton, Mass T-Shirt from Pride and Joy!

If you could please mail me your address and size preference, I will have them shipped ASAP.

Thank you for helping me to hit my mark!!!
LilliGirl said…
Thank you for the cool prize!
Blondie said…
Congratulations to LiliGirl and Mr. Moto! :)
Blondie said…
Congratulations CJ on your 20,000th visitor! I tell you ... if you blog it they will come :)

I Love your blog! :) Keep on blogging!
Mon said…
I want to know what hit 20080 gets??
Anonymous said…
Not me? Darn it all! (giggle) I wasn't paying attention to where your number was at.

Congrats to Lilli and Mr Moto.
well, that's good news for them and bad news for me, isn't it! lol

hope all is well, there :o)
what are you dressing up as for halloween?

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