Dirty Little Bunnies

Hot and Horny Bunny Grahams. Because who doesn't love an X-rated snack? I know I do.

I happened to buy these treats at a popular children's store chain. Imagine my shock and horror when I pulled this pair out of my snack pack. No wonder I can never seem to finish the box - they are multiplying in my pantry faster than I can eat them.


Blondie said…
That one bunny on the left is saying "WHAT??"

That's an old Easter joke. tee hee

X-rated bunny grahams. What is this world coming to? Someone in the bunny graham factory has too much time on their hands.

Did you eat them?
Of course I ate them Blondie. I think they enjoyed it.
Mon said…
of course they enjoyed it....
Anonymous said…
(taking notes for critter paintings)
Wiseass said…
The never ending box. Too funny.
Hey Wiseass - That's funny. Never ending box - I love it.

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