Pumpkin Patch Prize

In order to make up for my pumpkin guffaw, I'm thinking a prize is in order. I'm about 400 hits away from 20,000 and I want to award a prize to the visitor who hits that mark. I have a couple of ideas in mind, something representative of the area in which I live (and no, it won't be a pumpkin or me in a pumpkin costume).

The rules are simple:
1) The 20,000 visitor must have visited and left a comment at least one time prior to that hit.
2) If the hit occurs at 3:00 AM I am mostly likely not going to catch it. If I can't narrow it down to the specific person, I will throw the names that hit around that time into a hat and pull one winner.

If you happen to visit, and scroll down to the counter and see 20,000 please let me know. Otherwise, I will rely on on my stat counters to identify you.

I'm guess-timating that the hit should come within the next month. Unless of course you are sick and tired of me. Then it will take a bit longer. Happy clicking.


Angie said…
A prize I am stoked. :)
Anonymous said…
Very Cool!
Anonymous said…
19653 - Darn.
Anonymous said…
19654 - Darn.
Shrinky said…
Is it meeeee, is it meeeeee?? (Jumping up and down at the back, arms flailing wildly.)

Eh? No..?

LilliGirl said…
Wow - Chewy and I are totally thinking alike...LOL...but I don't see the counter???
Anonymous said…

Please accept this comment as my official entry into this prize drawing.
Anonymous said…
Whoo Hoo! 20000! It's Mr. Moto. What'd I win, what'd I win??

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