"Cheese" Does Not Always Mean Ricotta (As In Cannoli)

Just keep your plates, cups, and hands away from Irene's mouth and no one will get hurt.


Angie said…
haha awesome pic and post lol
Anonymous said…
Irene's a hoot!

One Saturday afternoon my Dad brought home 6 chocolate eclairs for Sunday breakfast. By the next morning my Mom had eaten all of them!
Blondie (incognito) said…
Cute pic, CJ! Leave it to Irene not to be able to wait 2 minutes to eat for a photo op! Well at least now you have proof! And a memento photo for your memory book. Were you able to get a 'good' pic of the 3 of you? I hope?

P.S. Am I # 20,000?!?!?!
John Gascot said…
That PIC!!!!! I'm peein' myself!
Anonymous said…
You make me laugh. Was wondering if I made the 20,000 visitor yet? Well, I guess not yet.

omgod this is a great picture!

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