A Reunion With My Goldie

I got the opportunity to reunite with my Goldie last night. Goldie was one my college roommates. We met in 1982, our freshman year, and lived a couple of rooms down from each other until senior year, when we got an off campus apartment with two other friends. We kept in close contact for several years but unfortunately lost touch about 12 years or so ago. A few months ago, she found me on Facebook.

I just love my Goldie. She is one of the sweetest people I know. And hanging out with her, even after all those years, felt just as comfortable and fun as it did back when we were in college. Probably even more comfortable actually. Because this time I wasn't wearing spandex stirrup pants.

Oh, and the name Goldie? It was the name of her dog. Goldie and Gretel reunited at last.


Belle said…
I'm glad you had such a nice time with your Goldie last night. I love the pictures and the colorful sweaters! Brings back a lot of 80's memories! :)
Solo said…
Great post! It's wonderful to keep those old friends.
But wait, if I cyphered this right, that would make you ____ years old! Whoa. Totally not fair, CJ. You look the same now as you did then, Girl!
Anonymous said…
Look at the two of you....you both look great!

It's so much fun to get reunited with long lost friends. You two are lucky!
Anonymous said…
Facebook Rules!
LilliGirl said…
Facebook is awesome...and old friends even better! I am so glad your 2 found each other and got to hang out! Don't lose her again. :)
Anonymous said…
How cool! It really is amazing how FB can bring people back together after so long.
Unknown said…
you still have that sweater, don't you? and how cool is it that SC students still rent that apartment every year?

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