Up On The Roof


Blondie said…
The roof is hot!
well, yeahhhh, lol

i really wished you would have let us see her climb from the roof to the ladder!

roofs scare me!
I missed filming the best part Ms. Creek because I had to stand on the ladder to keep if from tipping. That's just about the time her shorts got stuck on the gutter board. I thought she was going to end up coming down the ladder in her underwear.
Anonymous said…
Great video but poor baby! Hope her hands are doing ok.

And the reason for her going up there in the first place was what? to clean the gutters?

I always make sure I get ladders that are short enough to keep me out of trouble.
Anonymous said…
I don't see any trees around... I suspect she wasn't cleaning the gutters.

I hope the view was worth it. (giggle)
Shrinky said…
Oooh, ow! Poor kid, not nice - those hands are BURNT.. but, um, don't mean to giggle - tell us again - WHY did she go up there??

I can't believe those gloves melted. (eeek)!
I like how you think Jude. Short ladders is a great idea! That ladder is so heavy anyway it's a pain to move it.

Correct Chewy - no trees and nothing in the gutters. But she apparently had the urge to check anyway. She reminded me of a cat stuck in a tree.

Hey Shrinky! Well, I told her I hid a 12 pack of Sam Adams on the roof and up she went. Seriously, I think she just wanted to go up there and flash the neighbor. Which she almost did when her shorts got stuck on the gutter thingy.
Anonymous said…
I had to get Fran down off our roof one time, she went up to put Christmas lights around the chimney (one story house), and was too scared to come down by herself.

Hope those hands are better today.
Janet said…
Oh lord I did the same thing once- it took me a long time to have the courage to come down.
i hope her hands are better and it was funny recognizing her on chewy's facebook! lol
Anonymous said…
The Roof Is HOT! Couple more weeks then the Big "E". Time to get our drink on, after sitting up on a hot roof.


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