Old's Gym

The new gym equipment has been delivered and set up. One treadmill? Check! One elliptical? Check? One big bum? Check!

The original equipment, one ab machine, a treadclimber, a total gym, and a heavy bag (not shown) are there as well. They were just not any fun. And they were not working (you actually have to use them to see any improvement.) So it's let's keep the old and bring in the new!

This is the most important piece of equipment - the beer fridge. It is strategically placed next to the ab LOUNGER (caps intentional). The new equipment came with a couple of cup holders so we should be all set.

I'm gearing up for some exercise later today by eating chocolate covered espresso beans and drinking a soda now. 

All kidding aside, I am seriously going to try to get back in shape. I used to go to the gym 3-4 times a week at one point when I lived in Boston. Since I've moved out here however, the long commute has given me a big excuse to plop myself on the couch at night.  

And just to put it all out there - here goes - the last time I got on the scale (last week) it read 157.7.  And, at 5' 6 and a half "  I want to weigh 135.  So wish me luck. I think this blog will hopefully keep my honest and therefore motivated. 

Next post - Weigh In Wednesday!


Anonymous said…
You go!

All that sparkling new equip made me thirsty...for some water of course.

Good luck!
Anonymous said…
Equipment looks nice. You strike me as someone who is pretty determined and can accomplish whatever you set your mind to, if you really want it.

I'm bummed that I broke our rower last week. We're trying to decide if the belt is going to be easy and worth replacing, or if we should buy a new one.
Belle said…
Wow CJ you really are putting it all out there. Even our messy basement!

The exercise equipment looks good. They're almost too pretty and clean to use. Maybe we should go out for a super fattening meal and think about whether or not we want to get them dirty. Maybe we should keep them clean a little bit longer.

Belle said…
Oh - and if BN is reading..... I'm thinking about doing that woodwork thing on the wall so that I won't have to look at that ugly insulation. Are you in?
LilliGirl said…
Ooh, me and Ames weigh the same...I can be your nag if you want. You know, it's a skill and I'm working on the same issue here.
Anonymous said…
Perhaps you'll work up the energy to finish the sheet rocking... just saying. (tease)
Belle said…
Chewy are you volunteering?
Solo said…
Hey, one more thing we have in common! My LEFT LEG weighs 157, too!
Unknown said…
how much is a membership, and does it include beer and donuts?
did your mom carry all those in for you? lol

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