That's What Friends Are For

I'm in the stall, I shut the door.
I hear your feet and then see more
Than just your shoes across the floor.

In your hand I think I spy
A camera lens and great big eye
That's staring down my whoopee pie.


Anonymous said… least you're smiling!
Anonymous said…
You are too cute CJ! PEOPLESOFT! Come see us @ the Big E tomorrow. Love H, B & Shawnie!
you need to join us on the forums of!
Velvet Ginger said…
You did a great job on that peom...and at smiling...i wouldn't have been!
Anonymous said…
Ah-Ha! Proof that you hover!
I hope you didn't pee on your pant leg.
Shrinky said…
EeeeeeeeeK! Yup, with some friends, nothing is sacred! Love the poem.
For some reason Jude, I got a big kick out of that.

Hey H, B, and S! I am so jealous of your impending Big E adventure. Aghh PeopleSoft!

Hey Ms Creek - I will check out that site. What's it about?

Thanks Velvet. I think the smiling is coming from the fact that my pasty white bum will stand out like a sore thumb.

I think I had good aim that night Chewy. Yes, I am the hovering queen!

Thank you Shrinky. A girl's night out is not complete without toilet photos or boob shots.

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