Out With Rizzo

Our buddy Rizzo from Vancouver and The 100 Day Season came for a visit this past weekend. Rizzo is cool, even if she did snap a picture of me in the stall.

Here are some pics from our evening out. First stop, the Hu Ke Lau restaurant. After that, it was play time in Northampton.

Love ya buddy!

*I'm thinking this slideshow is probably not too exciting but I wanted to try playing around a bit with iPhoto. Some of the pics seem to be chopped a bit, but it was still fun playing around with app.


fun places, good food, good drinks, good massager...errr, I mean good company! looks awesome! friends are the best!
Solo said…
Dude! I got so excited when I THOUGHT you had made a vid'!!! :(
It was a good one, though and thanks for taking us on the date with you guys.
You are all too cute! :)
Anonymous said…
Great slideshow! A fun time indeed. Loved the shots especially the shoes. Take your camera everywhere.
Anonymous said…
great pics!!! fun times!!!
miss you ladies!
Until Vegas ... peace!


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