Stop, Thief!

My mother regretted her decision to steal my Otter Creek Octoberfest when she realized I'd press charges.

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Ronia Nash said…
That's what I'm talking about baby!!
Mon said…
I'm in a fit of giggles here, the look on your mom's face!
Unknown said…
wow, grammy looks mean
lesbo said…
oh man. love it.
Anonymous said…
Atta-gal Irene! (giggle)
Janet said…
Ha look at her go - I hope she exercised that off!
the true definition of tough love!

(Your mom looks precious!)
Karen said…
That's adorable. But, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Rizzo! Thanks for the kick in the butt!

Hey Mon - My mom is making a face in about 90% of the pics I take of her. But I thought this look in front of the police cruiser was a classic.

Grammy is very mad Shannon. Just wait till she sees you this weekend.

Hi Lesbo! I couldn't resist taking her picture next to the state police car. If I could have thrown her in the back, I think I would have.

Hey Chewy - It's Mother-Daughter day at the Big E gone bad! My mother doesn't drink - never has. So that's why I got a kick out of this picture.

I think my sister and I exercised this off Janet! By walking around the fair and doing 16 ounce curls.

Thank you Ms. Creek. Sometimes you just have to get tough with the elderly in order to make them behave.

Thanks Karen! I know, it's not easy being so strict. But I did get my beer back.

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