Bad Days

I've had a couple of bad days. Last night my cat of 14 years was euthanized. That sucked. Really sucked. I've lost pets before but this was a tough one for me. I've never stayed in the room - although my vet just lets you stay for the sedation part and once the pet is asleep (literally), you leave the room and he finishes the procedure. It's hitting me harder this evening I think.

Then tonight on my commute home I was having a conversation with my niece (she's an adult - 38 years old), when she starts having a reaction to some injections she had in her neck for a disc issue. She tells me she needs to turn around and go back to the hospital. She's driving in Boston and I'm 75 miles away in western Mass. I call her back a few minutes later and she's gasping for air, saying the something about an ambulance, and having a hell of time trying to getting the words out. I pull the car over, scared out of my mind, and tell her stay on the phone with me. Then in an instant she's gone. I call her mother (my sister) - no answer. I call my other niece - no answer. By now my hands are shaking as I call my sister again who finally answers and calls my niece's husband. My niece had somehow already called him and he was on his way to the hospital to meet up with her. As it turns out, the muscles in her neck had swelled from all of the injections. I don't have the whole story yet, but am so relieved and thankful that she is going to be ok. That really scared the shit out of me.

I'm heading off to bed with the dogs and hiding under the covers. Right after I get done keeping my other cat company, who right now is missing her brother something fierce.


Anonymous said…
Hang in there CJ....

Hey, CJ. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. I'm dreading the day by 12-year-old Chihuahua dies. {{{{CJ}}}}
Anonymous said…
I know we all hate this phrase but I'll say it anyway...chin up! I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. I had to put 2 cats and my dog down within three months of each other. It is very much like losing a child. Glad your niece is awful to feel so far away and helpless.
Middle Girl said…
Echoing the sentiments expressed.
LilliGirl said…
I am so sorry. (((HUGS))) about all of it.
For many years, when things would get bad and us girls would call our mom, she would always say THINK PINK. Times are very hard sometimes. And things happen that aren't fair. We don't understand them, but keep your chin up because you will get through this one too. Whether you like pink or not, is irrelevant. What matters is your mindset through all of this...hard, hard stuff. Things that make you wanna check yourself into the nervous hospital (as Vel would say). Hang in there, girl. Loves and hugs to you. And cry...let yourself be brave enough to cry. :o)
lesbo said…
aww :( so sorry to hear about your kitty. that is never, ever easy.
and thank the stars your niece is ok! geeze. that sounds scary.
hang in there--it's friday. time for a drink!
reeflightning said…
BIG hug for you CJ. sorry for your loss. glad your niece is ok ... double scary when you are far away and can't do anything to help.
how are you doing, these days?
Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I really appreciate all your kind words. You ladies rock.
Karen said…
I'm so sorry for your loss, CJ. I have a 14 year old kitty myself. 14 years is a long time to share with a furry little angel. Longer than any people relationship I've ever had. That's a tough one. Hugs to you for sure. And I'm glad your neice is okay.
Anonymous said…
Catching up on reading, and so sorry about this.

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