Lobster Fest

Why am I up at 11:15 posting pictures of giant lobsters when I have to get up at 5:00 AM and drive my ass to work 68 miles away? Must be blog fever. I am so going to hate myself tomorrow.

Anyway, these giant crustaceans pulled from the waters of New England are probably the biggest lobsters I have ever seen on a plate (my apologies to the vegans out there, seriously). I didn't eat one of these because I trusted the cream sitting in the sun on the table at the diner where we had breakfast. I thought I was going to have to run into the woods for a toilet 911 on the way to the beach that morning and I didn't want a repeat performance. Too much information I know. Zip it CJ.

Time for bed. Have a pleasant Friday everyone.


Mon said…
Holy Shit that looks too yummy...how much does a meal like that cost in New England???

My word verification: cityless so true it makes me sad...
Solo said…
Ooooooo, I'd rather have road rash. Was it the cream or the Sapphire Bay....I'm just sayin'...

Those are some pretty Crawfishes!

(Did I mention how much we missed you????)
McMeaty said…
One of our favorite summer places to eat. Those look like 5 lb lobsters!! You have a few more weeks before they close for the summer. Don't forget the wineries too.
Anonymous said…
So, if you didn't eat any of the lobstah, does that me Blondie ate all of them??

We've taken the motorcycles down there a few weeks ago. Nice ride. You should try it sometime!

Mrs. Moto
Anonymous said…
I love lobster, but only lazyman lobster so I don't have to work for it.
Anonymous said…
I love the potato chip bags!
Hey Mon! Those big ones were $32.00 which really is a pretty good price I think. You don't get much with it, just some chips but any sides probably just would have gone to waste anyway.

Hi Lesbo! LOL, yes, those bad boys tipped the scale.

Solo! I swear it was not the Sapphire! Now what's up with crawfish? Do they taste like crab or lobster or what? And how does one get the meat out? (Did I mention how much I missed you too!)

Hey McMeaty! Thank you so much for that recommendation. What a nice way to spend a summer evening. I definitely want to go back so I can get my turn at one of those.

Hi Mrs. Moto! I bet that was a nice ride on the bikes. Did you take back roads or the highway because you know I am a total wimp on the highway with the bike. Blondie controlled herself and only ate one - and I think she was very happy with her dinner.

Hi Lilli! Yes, the girls very much enjoyed their dinners. Every single bite!

Hey Pixie! Is the lazyman lobster usually stuffed? I don't think I've ever ordered that. I usually need help when I order the whole ones - I don't have the knack of how to get all the meat out.

Chewy! I think we actually brought home a bag or two. Funny how no one was too concerned about the chips while those lobsters were in front of them.
John Gascot said…
I love the way the bands remain on the claws, as if they still pose any danger. LOL.

I haven't had lobster in ages...yum!

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