Embarrassing Work Moment # 94

I peed on my pants leg today at work.

I'm a squatter. I know sitting on a public toilet will probably not bring me irreparable harm, but it just skeeves me to no end. Hovering can be tricky business however - one rogue stream as I had today and you've got yourself a pair of pee pee pants.

Luckily this happened at the end of the day. It did prolong my day however, as I wanted to sit at my desk for a bit, hoping the spot would fade prior to my leaving the building.

And, as it turns out, it was a particularly crowded day on the campus, with students moving in for the fall semester. Hopefully no one noticed as I quickly walked behind the buildings to the parking lot, glancing behind and down as I walked to make sure the offending spot was not standing out too much.

Maybe I should keep a spare pair of pants in my office from now on.


Solo said…
I feel your pain, CJ! Wait til "Depends" is added to your shopping list...I'm just sayin'...

Sooooo glad you're back. Solo really missed you.
Windy Days said…
You are hilarious! I can't believe you shared this with us! And took a picture! You da bomb!
Allison said…
HA! I think I just peed my pants, too.
lesbo said…
you win.
this cracked me up!

thanks for sharing, lady.
Thanks Solo! I missed you too lady! The depends thing might not be a bad idea on certain occasions (concerts, ball games, long rode trips). But it kind of takes the fun out of going commando.

Hey Windy! Thank you! You know, I can't believe I posted this either. Getting close to the TMI line here I think.

Hope you have a spare with you Allison! Wish I did.

Yes, Amy! I have to admit, I have hit the back of the pants on occasion, usually after a few beers while using a restroom with tiny, dirty stalls. That adds extra pressure. Glad I am not the only one. I am in good company!

Hey Lesbo! You are welcome! I just wish I was a brave as you when it comes to sharing hanky colors :)
dykewife said…
got to http://www.femalefreedom.ca/ and check out a product that will enable you to pee standing up. that way you don't have to try and hover.
Nulaanne said…
CJ, take lysol and spry the seat then sit.
Mon said…
OMG...I'm dying....you poor thing. I wish I wasn't laughing so hard, but I'm in a fit of giggles and it's all your fault!
Anonymous said…
well, you WERE the only one who knew it was pee... could have been water, ginger ale, ice tea or a happy puppy humped your leg... (giggle)

dykewife's suggestion... I don't have to look to figure out what she is referring to. (blush)
Karen said…
Sounds like something I would do!
well, at least you admit it! i started coughing in class one day and had to leave and go home because i totally peed my pants!
John Gascot said…
I swear, I'm neither pointing nor laughing.

I've trickled on my self and had to play it off like it got there from washing my hands. :blush:
Hi Dykewife - The "She Pee"! With my luck I would miss and it would stream down my entire leg.

Hey Nulaanne - There's not enough Lysol in the world that would make me feel comfortable to do that unfortunately.

Mon! Glad you got a chuckle out of this. Haven't quite decided which is worse - light or dark pants.

I was hoping thinks would think I dribbled my tea down my leg Chewy. That was going to be my excuse if anyone send anything.

Hey Karen! That wouldn't be good to do in your scrubs! It would really show!

Oh Ms. Creek - Sorry but I am laughing a bit. I'm glad to see I am in good company.

You know John, I was thinking this was sort of a guy thing. Made me feel a little butch actually.

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