Cool Award From Amy!

So I got this cool award and tag from Propane Amy. Thanks Amy - that was very sweet of you!

Now the tough part - I am supposed to list 10 things about myself. I think I made one of these lists before - and I had a really hard time doing it. Can I do a list of five things twice instead?

1. I think I could win if I went on Big Brother.
2. I think I would get voted off first if I went on Survivor.
3. I think I would dislocate a knee and shoulder if I went on Wipe Out.
4. I think the judges ears would bleed if I tried out for American Idol.
5. I think my audition for So You Think You Can Dance would consist of doing the Bump.
6. Can you walk the cat walk on America's Next Top Model in Doc Martens? I could do that
(maybe). Fierce.
7. I think Chef Ramsey would not be impressed with my signature meal which consists of crackers, cheese, and Pinot Grigio. I also do a wicked Chips and Dip.
8. I think I would suck on The Apprentice. I have nothing to wear. CJ, you're fired!
9. If I went on the Amazing Race, I would be lost before I left the country and I would probably trip and sprain my ankle while running to the first clue, 50 yards from the starting line.
10. I apparently watch too much reality television. Can you tell?

I'm passing on the tagging because all your blogs rock and I would have to give everyone this award. Plus I'm tired and I need to go to bed immediately. Does being able to fall asleep in less than 5 minutes get me on America's Got Talent?


Anonymous said…
LMAO...yes you do know a lot about reality TV but so did I as I was reading your list.

Ah, but I bet you could sew up a nice avant-garde piece, no?
Mon said…
OMG...I don't watch any of those shows...except I used to watch American Idol. I've been stuck on this new channel I've found called ID=Ivestigative Discovery channel...I'm toast, forensic shows 24 hours a day!!!

So what is your chip and dip specialty?
Ummm Jude - no, sewing ability what so ever. I'm lucky if I can get a button back on a shirt after it falls off. I ripped my jeans pocket one time when I was in college and I stapled it back on.

Ok Mon, you asked. My chip and dip speciality is Helluva Good French Onion and Lays. Yummy.
Anonymous said…
the only way I would watch Big Brother is if you were on!
As for the bump, it is under-rated - I would vote for you but you would need to expand you dance style past week 1. How about the twist?
Don't minimize being the chip & dip girl - what goes first at a party?!
Anonymous said…
What a unique and creative list. You should write for Jay Leno. (wink)
I laughed right out loud at this! I am going to write a post like this, I think. I am a reality TV junkie.
Anonymous said…
Seriously? There are smart, wisecracking, talented women in Western Massachusetts? I'm in Western Massachusetts! Ummm...not sayin' that I am part of the aforementioned and sorely lacking group but you are effin' funny, girlfriend! I have to admit, I'm more "metrowest" which is like "metrosexual" except everyone in this town grew up here and isn't remotely cool. Except me. Natch.

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