300th Post!

Pressure is on...

Better make it a good one.....

You know, you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their eyes. What's that saying, The eyes are the window to the soul.

Well if that's true, then what are my eyes telling everyone today?

No, I'm not on crack. Crack is whack (right Whitney?). Besides, I stopped smoking that days ago. There is a problem with my contact lenses apparently. Either that, or there is something terribly wrong . If my head starts spinning around I'll be sure to post a video.

Happy Saturday!


Shrinky said…
Poached eggs with a splash of tobasco sauce!

I symapathise, I once attended a crucial meeting not realising my contacts had turned my whites perfect blood red.

Ugh. I recently checked out lazer surgery and was informed they can give me perfect eyesight. All it takes is full cateract surgery, a kings ransom, and futer lazer fiddling to find my focus point.

Like I say - ugh.
Mon said…
Well..at least they match the lobsters....just sayin'.....girl you need to do something about that.
Or you eyes are strained, telling us you've been working WAY too hard!
Anonymous said…
LOL Shrinky. Yes, the thought of laser surgery did cross my mind this weekend. I think the glasses will stay on this week.

Yes, Mon, the do match the lobsters! Drops have helped this weekend so I don't look like such a crack head. Not a good look for work.

Ms. Creek I think you are right. I need a break, ASAP!

Chewy - these eyes can only be cured 100% by a Big E Polish plate and some friend oreos. Looking forward the fair!
Velvet Ginger said…
Oh I was going to say you are either hung over or you have pink eye...oops!
I had to stop wearing contacts when we moved to AZ due to the dirty dust(we don't have regular dust here) and dry air.
I feel for ya girl!

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