Yes, We Are Related. Why Do You Ask?


Solo said…
Thanks! I needed that laff!! That was adorable.
Anonymous said…
I'm all stuffed up with a scratchy throat, watery eyes and laughing. Too cute!
Ronia Nash said…
LOL... that is so funny!!!
It's the eyebrows that gave it away, right?
lol why would someone ask the obvious? lol

awesome post! happy sunday!
Anonymous said…
perfect. i sleep exactly like that on airplanes...
hey cj, my blog is on hold but i'll still come and visit!
Hi Marty! Thank you. Not one of my best shots.

Hey Solo - Well, maybe one adorable little person.

I know the perfect cure Chewy - a nice nap!

Hey Ronia - At least I wasn't drooling.

It is the eyebrows Lori! Good job!

Thank you Ms. Creek! My great-nephew and I have something in common - catching flies while we sleep!

That's one way to block out the stranger in the seat next to you quiet Lyn.

Hi Pixie! I can't believe I actually posted that not so flattering picture.
John Gascot said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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