Video Humor

This video gave me a good laugh. Must be because I am so f*#k$ng tired.


i'm f**king tired of my 177 JH kids and I can't wait for my concert to be over!

if i could just throw that quarter in every time i THINK one of those words...we could build a new auditorium! lol

thanks for the laugh!
Anonymous said…
Wicked funny!!
Janet said…
That is funny - thank you!
M said…
Loved the girl at the copier towards the very end. Hilarious!
Thanks for making me grin.
Anonymous said…
Good one CJ! I needed that...I had a horrible day @ the office and I think I said every bleeped word in that video--twice! See you this weekend for some fun. H&B
Anonymous said…
f**king funny!
LOL Ms. Creek. I think you better get that jar out.

It made me giggle Blondie.

You are welcome MLC. We could all use a mid-week chuckle.

Hey Mav - the copier girl was my fav too. What a riot.

Get ready to have an f*u&king good time at the parade H - you crazy son of a b*t&h,

I don't know about you Chewy, but there are days I wish I could talk like that outside of the house. Not that I talk like that inside the house (well, at least not every day inside of the house).
HalfCrazy said…
Hahaha, that's just too funny! I like the part wherein the girl is standing over a Photocopying machine and says "Poop!" and "STFU" to the guy hahaha!
Anonymous said…
Loved that copier girl's mouth....LOL.
Anonymous said…
That is f**king hilarious!!! Thanks.

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